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Slap a Dead Person Stamp by Ravengirl9


United States
Current Residence: earth ^_^
MP3 player of choice: any that i can find that works
Favourite cartoon character: all the villains, mostly. i find them to be fascinating characters
Personal Quote: "Why don't we have Finland's educational system?" "I am literally never going to use this.Ever." and "THERE'S A METAPHOR IN MY BED!"

i am TaureanFandomTrashArtist on tumblr.


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Journey Cloak by aisykun12
Journey Cloak
I actually wish someone would make this, i would wear the crap outta this. you would never see it leave my person. ever.
okay, so... I now have 130 story and fanfiction ideas... only five of them have been claimed. :iconhahahanoplz: so i'm going to type up all of the summary's/ synopses/little blurbs i have written about them. all of them. one by one. goddamnit i need to get at least some of these to go somewhere, and staying w/ me will not make that happen. still, send me a note to the one you want. srsly, take them.

#1. *claimed by Drawdle * Four siblings are living in a secluded forest village, despite being several years apart(oldest 17, youngest 5), the physical features of the children are very similar. Two of the siblings end up being murdered, but the spirits/dieties of the forest turn them into Barn Owls. The other siblings are stricken with grief over the loss and go to look for them, never to be seen again. The four keep reincarnating at various points in time, trying to find each other, only allowed to rest in peace once they have found each other.

#2 Taken by a friend

#3 A young man is living in a house under the water(think Hydropolis) while recovering from a shark bite. He ends up befriending a hammerhead shark-merman who brings him to meet other mer-sharks in an attempt to lessen his phobia of them.

#4 (lets just pretend that the roman empire and the vikings existed in the same time period) Several legions of Roman soldiers, some of which are demigods, are stationed in Britannia. A viking raiding party attacks the area they are in, and a few soldiers end up as captives on the longboats. They get carted back to the North, and are scattered all over the place. Story follows a few of them as they adjust to being thralls, or try to escape.

#5 Loner and outcast, Jonathan Shark has almost always been obsesssed with reptiles, insects and spiders. He is usually bullied for this and has trouble bonding. He finds a so called 'mythic' creature called a Naga in the woods behind his house. Not wanting to pass up this chance for friendship, he nurses it back to health.

#6 A deserted island is home to packs of mutant wolves. Some clans have big-ass feather wings, others have insect wings, still others have bat wings. Some of the clans can breathe under water, some of the clans have extra tails or legs or other features. And a few of them can read minds or levitate. This one is completely free of limitations on you. this is just the world you get to work with.

#7 A young wizard-in-training accidentally summons and binds to him a chimera created from a cat, hawk, and a rainbow boa. The creature is, needless to say, less than amused, but over time it becomes fond of the clumsy and somewhat awkward mage.

#8 Taken by a friend

#9 Time traveler from our time ends up in the 1920's-30's, and his time machine conveniently breaks. He is now stuck there, and he ends up working for a 'Family' and crosses paths with Al Capone a few times.

#10 Medieval or Norse/Celtic times. what if a few kinds of dragons could shape-shift and disguise themselves as humans, and went around creating half-dragon offspring. It is now modern times and dragons are extinct, but their hybrid descendants live on.

#11 A family of witches living in a cottage in the woods. A rich, and very corrupt, sorcerer comes by, and asks for the hand of one of the witches daughters. The woman only agrees if he can win them over without magic, and before they find another suitor. The daughters then rush to find other magical suitors to turn him down with.

#12 Taken by a friend

#13 Taken by a friend

#14 Start with sky pirates fighting a steam-Navy, a doctor on board the navy ship tosses a device that sends them ricocheting through time to a parallel battle in the Caribbean with, guess what, pirates and the navy.

#15 A hammer-head merman and a Blacktip reef shark merman meet after the reef shark gets displaced by meddling scientists.

#16 a Freshman girl in high school falls head over heels for a shy, cute, dark- wavy-haired boy her age. But when Sophomore year rolls around, not a trace of him is found, and no-one else seems to remember he existed, she suspects that the boy she has fallen for is in fact, a ghost.

#17 in a dense forest a mother tiger has just lost her cubs. Still in grief, she spies a woven basket with two human children in it, while the mother has left them unattended. The tiger steals the basket and raises the twin girls as her own cubs.
  • Mood: Distressed
  • Listening to: E.L.O.
  • Watching: Young Justice

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